Hi everyone, I’m Mayuko. I moved from Japan to the United States a few years ago. When I worked in Japan and the United States, I didn’t have much time and energy to cook after work. I thought I would like to share easy Japanese food recipes with people who have the same issues I have.

I also recently started making a lot of Japanese food during the quarantine. I made a lot of mistakes, since I’m not good at cooking. However, I thought it’s a good idea to share my experience and easy recipes to make unique and tasty Japanese food at home. I’m clumsy and lazy, but I can do it, so can you!

My blog title is “Tabemono Madness”. “Tabemono” means “Food” in Japanese. I’m crazy about “Tabemono”!

In addition to that, some of my foreign friends asked me why Japanese people look slim and young. Why? Japanese people think the key is Japanese food!

When people think about Japanese food, a lot of them say that is Sushi!
However, there are a lot of homemade dishes in Japan. Also eating Japanese food at restaurants in foreign countries can be expensive. I would like to introduce Japanese food, how to make them easily at home for cost and time savings, and share my passion of Japanese food!